Errand Quest

  • Duration: Everyday
  • Requirement: Base Level 70+
  • Reward: Exp, Event GiftBox, InsightRO Coins, Contribution Points

Daily Quest NPC

prt_in 38,104

Inside the building at 7 o'clock center of Prontera


  1. The Daily Quest NPC is looking for someone to help him do some errand for her. If you do accept the quest, you will have an option to be teleported, or you can select stay.

  2. If you talk to her again without completing the quest. You have the option to give up the quest or the option to be teleported to the location of the quest. If you give up the quest, There will be a fee of 20,000 Zeny.

  3. In alberta you need look for Supply Crate and in payon Pile of Wood.
    Note: Check your minimaps for location indicator.

  4. After you've done with the quest! You can go back to the Daily Quest NPC to claim your reward.