Daily Hunting

  • Duration: Everyday
  • Requirement: Base Level 70+
  • Reward: Exp, Event GiftBox, InsightRO Coins, Contribution Points

Daily Quest NPC

prt_in 38,104

Inside the building at 7 o'clock center of Prontera


  1. Talk to the Daily Quest NPC, select Daily Hunting Quest. There are a total of 15 Hunting quest available, and they are given randomly.

  2. If you don't like the quest you are given, You can talk again to the Daily Quest NPC, and ask her that you want to give up the quest. There is a 20,000 Zeny fee to give up quest. You can also share the quest to you partymembers if you'r the partyleader.

  3. You can check quest progress by opening the quest interface. Press Alt + U to open quest interface.

  4. After you've done hunting 50 monster! You can go back to the Daily Quest NPC to claim your reward.